Lady A Broad

It seems that brooches are making a big comeback, at least in the vintage world.

What was once reserved for your mother and prim and proper ladies has been transformed elevated and recreated by talented hands.

IMG_4080Hailing from the Yarra Valley in Australia, they create beautiful handcrafted brooches inspired by the the 40’s and the 50’s with a wonderful twist. It is this twist that first drew me to them.

They play with the classic vintage imagery of perfect women, of B movies and super heroes, incorporating vintage and modern elements to create a unique design and product unlike anything I have seen before.

Their brooches feature 3D designs on timber,-be it covered in matte or gloss finish, or left raw,- to play with textures and visuals, making each piece a definite eye-catcher. Their handcrafting manufacturing process also leaves each piece unique, due to possible slight imperfections, which in my opinion, just add to the overall charm.

Their love for beautiful and unique design does not stop there, however. Each piece is packaged in a gorgeous box, with the name written on the narrower edge, so you can keep and store your brooches, always knowing what is where. As someone who loves her ever growing collection of jewellery, having a sturdy box I can store easily is a true blessing. I think that perhaps this box design is something which best shows how much effort and thought goes into their designs.

Another beautiful and unique design they offer are their wooden postcards, made in a similar fashion to the brooches, and often expanding on the already existing theme of a brooch. These are made as old movie postcards or Holiday postcards, and can be used as such, thanks to the etching on the back.

They also offer incredibly adorable totes and clutches featuring their signature adorable Honey Bunny design, and you can get an entire matching set, because they are just too cute to pass up on!

If you want to get your hands on some of their amazing designs, you will have to swing by their website or Etsy shop, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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