Astari Nite video for “Capulet Loves Montague” and new album


Miami based Gothic rock act Astari Nite have just released the video for their song “Capulet Loves Montague”. The video was inspired by a nightmare vocalist Mychael had when Astari Nite was writing their new album Here Lies, in particular “Capulet Loves Montague.

Mychael explains: I’ve always imagined what it would be like to capture a dream on film, especially one that mirrored words that I was able to desperately tear out of my head. I found beauty in a peculiar abyss of what some call reality, though for me, it was only an alluring nightmare that I had to eventually wake from. 

Astari Nite’s new album Here Lies will be released May 8th on Negative Gain (North America) and Danse Macabre Records (Europe). 

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