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It isn’t often that we have a chance to present you with something as special and unique as a bespoke seamstress.
Back in 2007, Leea started Cherise Design from her living room, while still studying clothing design. She now has an atelier near the centre of Tampere in Finland. She is a true lover of vintage styles and designs, and spends her time creating beautiful vintage reproduction pieces using original vintage patterns modified slightly to fit the modern silhouette.

2But, what makes Cherise Design so much different than other repro brands is not only her attention to details and the love and dedication she has for her work, but also that she fits every garment individually to the client’s needs. Ordering a bespoke piece means that you take basic measurements, and in return, get a piece that will fit you like a glove.
We (and by “we” I mean, I) got a chance to test this first-hand as Leea fitted a 1940’s wrap dress to my measurements. I have had some bespoke pieces in the past (notably corsets, and a few dresses), and was always very pleased with them. I was very curious to see how this one would turn out.

The package itself arrived in record time, and once I removed the silk wrapping paper, a beautiful crepe dress emerged.
Even though I knew to expect something different, I was still most pleasantly surprised by the skill and craftsmanship in this dress. And once I tried it on, it also turned out to be a perfect fit, just as advertised.
Cherise Design’s approach to repro vintage is also something which I appreciate greatly. Their designs are perfectly suited for everyday wear, and hit the perfect mark between vintage and suitable for everyday wear. This is a dress that fits perfectly at a vintage event and in the office environment, as I have already successfully tested.


Cherise Design offer a lovely selection of dresses, covering the designs from 1930’s to 1950’s, along with several blouse, trousers and skirt designs, one of them being a stunning pair of 1940’s trousers. Alongside that they also offer several gorgeous knitted alpaca bow scarves and a very stunning Hand-knitted alpaca shawl.
You can see their designs not only on their etsy page, but their website and facebook page. I can also recommend following them on Instagram where you can see all the latest projects they are working on, and maybe even see how your chosen garment is being made.
While buying off the rack is a great and convenient way to update your wardrobe, bespoke pieces are the true centre around which every wardrobe should revolve. I am a firm believer in having several basic, core pieces that are made of high quality materials and are a perfect fit, and which should last you for many years. If you are looking for such pieces, I would highly recommend Cherise Design.

Cherise Design are also offering a discount code: VENUS for 20% off. The discount is valid until the end of this year and can be applied on anything in the store (including already discounted items)!

All photos by VillyV

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