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Let´s talk Gothic Rock for a moment. We aim to cover the every subgenre here at Altvenger when it comes to the Gothic subculture. Although most of the concern has indeed been on EBM and Electro-related acts, I am more of a Gothic Rock person and would like to share with you 5 more-or-less classic Gothic albums which in a way shaped or inspired me…or at least kept me entertained throughout the last 16 years, for as long as I have been into this genre of music.

Let me start by saying that although metal is my primary choice of genre, the Gothic subculture is very dear and special to me. Music is one of the most important factors in my life. It never comes to style, although this is sadly very popularized and taken out of context today. Mostly from people who are in no way whatsoever connected to the true core of this wonderful subculture. But enough chit-chat, let´s get to what this article is about!


1. Lacrimosa – Elodia

Lacrimosa needs no introduction but maybe you stumbled upon this article by chance.. you might have been searching for Mozart or, more specifically, for Requiems. That is basically what the “Lacrimosa” is. It is part of the Dies Irae sequence in the Roman Catholic Requiem mass.

The band originated in Germany and they have been around for over 25 years, they are currently based in Switzerland and for all you WGT-goers this year, they are in the lineup.

The band has changed their musical style throughout the years and have developed a more Gothic metal-inspired concept but their core remains in rock and darkwave. They have released 12 albums. Elodia is the one dearest to my heart, for all us hopeless romantics.

Truth be told, the titles of the songs as well as the lyrics are a bit grim and even depressing, but you truly have to appreciate the light you can find in darkness.

2. Inkubus Sukkubus – Heartbeat of the Earth

A Gothic-rock trio from England, Inkubus Sukkubus accompany a lot of Pagan and nature-inspired elements into their lyrics. One cannot but get lost in the wonderful melodies of Mother Nature. It was hard to pick a favorite from a band who I adore as much as them and who have been around for as long as I have on this Earth.. with around 20 albums and compilations to choose from.

If you are into fantasy, paganism and mysticism, you will utterly enjoy these wonderful melodies and lyrics.

3. Seraphim Shock – Nightmares for the Banished

Granted, this American Gothic band is not what comes to mind when you think Gothic Rock but I did say more-or-less classic in my introduction 😉 They fuse different elements which creates their unique style. I have chosen this particular album because it is the one that mostly combines classic Gothic elements not only in their music but in the lyrics and atmosphere. Words cannot express my love for this band, the charisma of Charles nor the concept of their unique style. The fact that I have some of the lyrics from this album tattooed on me says it all.

4. Christian Death –The Rage of Angels

Another American band which actually lead to the formation of the entire genre. Although faced with various changes since their formation way back in 1979, one cannot but admire the influence and power they have had on the gothic and deathrock movement. Did I mention they are still around and have active gigs? 😉

The Rage of Angels features the former vocalist and founder, Rozz Williams.

5. The Cure – Disintegration

I have tried to go around the BIG FIVE of Gothic rock (Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, The Cure and Joy Division) but I have failed. It is impossible for me not feature The Cure. Their influence streches far from the subculture itself, they carry a legacy which is hard to ignore and even if you have never listened to a Gothic artist, you know who Robert Smith is and you know who The Cure is! I would honestly list every single album but I will settle for Disintegration, for personal reasons, especially when it comes to “Last Dance” and “The Same Deep Water as You”.

Since these are personal favorites, there is no need to go in-depth about what the albums mean to me but I do hope you will take a look, or in this case, listen, to these amazing bands. Naturally, not only to the albums mentioned above. If this has tickled your fancy, don´t forget to check out the following:

ASP, Alien Sex Fiend, 45 Grave, Fields of the Nephilim, Love Like Blood, The Mission, Ikon, Mephisto Walz, All About Eve, Faith and the Muse, The Damned, Pink Turns Blue, Saviour Machine, Specimen, Switchblade Symphony, Skeletal Family, Clan of Xymox, Tiamat, This Mortal Coil, UK Decay, …

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