How to wear flat brogues with a vintage and alternative wardrobe

I recently got a beautiful pair of brogues as a present. This proved to be a bit of a boggle, as side from the occasional combat boot, basball shoe or ballet flat, I usually prefer higher heels, and the brogue style shoes I do own all sport a varying degree of high heel. How to style vintage brogue without looking like either a wallflower or playing dress-up in my dad’s shoes?
Since the Internet gave me no help whatsoever in styling them with a vintage or alternative wardrobe, I sat down and made a few sets with possible styling ideas.
Hopefully they will help you too!


Vintage + brogues


The first set is heavily inspired by male vintage fashion. I paired the brogues with swing trousers and a striped jacket for a more masculine silhouette, but added a very feminine top, daintly rose earrings and strong red lipstick to act as a counterbalance and prevent the whole outfit from being too costumey.


Vintage + brogues2


What better way to pair a jumper skirt than with a pussy bow blouse and a pair of vintage style shoes? The problem with this outfit is, of course, that it runs the risk of making you look like a little girl, but a pair of striking tights and some big-girl accessories will prevent that.


Vintage + brogues3


The next set is probably my personal favourite. I love it when I can combine my love for vintage with a darker style. I paired this 40’s style suit with studded brogues and a raven skull ring for a darker, more modern look, and limited the colours to warm creams in the stockings and bag.


Vintage + brogues4

The last set has a bit more of a 30’s feel with a fitted sweater and wide tartan trousers. The belt and the shoes match, naturally, as do the sunglasses and the bangles. The cool colour of the sweater serves as a counterpoint to prevent you from looking like a piece of fudge.

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