INTERVIEW: Drac Makens

Hello Drac! Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to chat with us! Can you tell our readers a few words about yourself?
No problem! A few words about myself?  Oh boy, well, my name is Bianca. I am 24 years old, I am an artist, a makeup lover (and collector), proud cat owner, and also have a deep love for the gothic subculture and all things odd.

You have amazing makeup looks and a very catchy personality! Do you think those factors were crucial to attracting so many viewers in so little time?
Yes, very much so.  Honestly, I’m still very blown away by how big my audience has grown over the past few months, I never expected my channel to have as many viewers as it does right now and it’s truly amazing. I know there are some people who think I have some big magic secret to getting so many viewers, but I don’t.  Sometimes I myself even question where a lot of my viewers/subscribers are coming from, but at the end of the day, I’m just thankful to have them all there along with me.

When did you discover your love for makeup and how long did it take to become so skilled?
I first discovered a love for makeup when I was around 17. I’ve been wearing makeup since I was 14, but I didn’t start to truly love and appreciate the possibilities I could have with it until I was 17.  Counting the time that I started wearing it, it has taken me 10 years to get to where I’m at now. That’s quite a bit of time, but like with traditional art, makeup is a skill that can take years to advance in. And the great thing about it too is that you can only get better and better the longer you do it for. Even though I’ve been wearing makeup for so long, I’m always learning new techniques, trying out new products, testing out different styles of makeup, etc.

I love your videos and I think you have a very innovative approach to alternative makeup artistry! Where do you get the inspiration for your looks?
Most of the time, I usually just come up with looks out of my head and hope for the best. But when it comes to things I look to for inspiration, I can pull inspiration from either movies, music (especially from people like Marilyn Manson, David Bowie, Siouxsie Sioux, etc.), drag queens and club kids, and so on. You can honestly pull inspiration from anything really, most of the time, I’ll be wearing a shirt and think “Hey, those colors would look great in a makeup look!” and create something based off of that. I also do pull inspiration from a lot of Halloween imagery, paintings, color wheels, photographs, other makeup artists, the list goes on hehe.

You have some amazing makeup brands in the US which we sadly can´t get in Europe! What are your favorite brands?
Some of my most favorite brands are Sugarpill, Kat Von D, Urban Decay, Lime Crime, and NYX. I buy from all of those brands very frequently (it can be obsessive at times) and I seriously hope they become available to more countries one day!

Would you like to have your own makeup brand one day and what would it be inspired by?
Yes, so much yes! That is a big dream of mine; I would love to be able to create makeup products for people from all different walks of life someday if at all possible. And I would say, similarly to Kat Von D, I would have a lot of it be inspired by my favorite artists, musicians, and the gothic subculture.

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It is not hard to guess that you are a big Marilyn Manson fan 😉 Would you say his music inspires your looks or his persona?
I love Marilyn Manson so much; he has honestly inspired a lot of things for me. His music has definitely inspired me when it comes to my traditional art, it’s great music to listen to while trying to create something. And seeing his views on himself as an artist has definitely helped me to grow an appreciation for art and how important it really is. He’s also inspired a lot of my attitude as well, especially when it comes to being proud of who I am and not be ashamed of doing what makes me happy.  Looking the way I do, you can imagine that I get a lot of criticism. Seeing how Manson is so proud of who he is, how serious he is about his craft, how he never lets others tear him down or change him… it has definitely influenced a huge part of my character and I hope that I can meet him someday and personally thank him for that.

I´ve noticed your super cute sandworm tattoo! Tell us more about it! Do you have any more tattoos?
Oh thank you! My tattoo was actually done by an artist here in my city (he’s become a good friend of mine too) and it’s actually the starting piece to my Tim Burton sleeve I’m wanting to have done. I plan on getting different elements from all of his movies, artwork, and such tattooed all over my left arm and I can’t wait to get it finished up. Tim Burton is a very big part of my life and he also greatly inspires me as well. I do have other tattoos, I have one on my right wrist of a drawing my best friend from high school drew of me (she is sadly no longer with us), I have 7 Marilyn Manson album symbols going down my right leg, I have Manson’s signature on my butt (he didn’t actually sign it, I pulled the signature off of a bible that someone got signed by him), I have a baphomet  that Manson drew tattooed on my back, a steampunk looking tattoo going down the right side of my ribs, and a star on the back of my left thigh. I have a lot of Manson tattoos as you can tell haha, but I love all of my tattoos and definitely want to get more!

How would you describe your personal fashion style and what are your biggest fashion influences/idols?
When it comes to my clothes, I personally am very lazily dressed. I find a lot of comfort wearing a t-shirt (most of mine are band, horror movie, or Halloween related), black leggings, a fishnet under shirt and some boots. But I personally also love the trad goth style, lots of lace, layers, black velvet, etc. My biggest style inspirations are definitely Patricia Morrison,  Siouxsie Sioux, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Marie Antoinette, John Koviak, Alexander McQueen’s runway shows, Emilie Autumn,  Vampira,  James St. James, Sharon Needles, Divine and even fictional characters like Lisbeth Salander from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books greatly inspire me.

You´ve mentioned some Gothic events from your area in your videos.  Is there a big Goth scene in your city?
Sadly, the scene here isn’t too big, it exists, but it’s very small. It’s not too bad of a thing though, due to the scene being small, you get to know people within the scene very well and they end up becoming somewhat of a family to you. We all defend each other, we all look out for one another, and we all embrace and love each other very much.

Traditional Goths are harder to come across since the popularity boom of Nu Goth and Steampunk. What do you think about this?
It honestly doesn’t bother me too much, I actually like a lot of steampunk imagery and fashion, and even music (I really like bands like Abney Park and Professor Elemental).  I’m really not all too familiar with the nu goth scene so it’s hard for me to say what I think about it. My thing is, trad goths have been around for a long time and I’m sure will always be around. The scene may be smaller now, but it’s a timeless and very beautiful classic subculture that I could never see disappearing forever. I know for some, they can’t stand the nu goth/steampunk/pastel goth scene, but we all have to remember that we have to deal with enough criticism from society as it is, and putting others down for their lifestyle choices doesn’t make us any better. All we can do is share what we love with others and embrace what makes us unique.

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I have to ask the dreaded “deserted-island-question” J ! What 3 makeup products would you take with you?
Oh man, now that’s definitely a tough decision to make. Hmm, I would say I would definitely take my white foundation, my mascara, and a good matte black lipstick.

You are a big advocate of being yourself and believing in your personality, what advice would you give to people who are struggling with being open about their looks/individuality?
Embracing who you are and doing whatever makes you happy without the approval of others is definitely a hard thing to achieve. Growing up, I was raised in a very controlling, conservative household and I was often talked down on by family members or bullies at school for liking things that were considered “weird, different, or childish”. Even as a child, I knew that there’s more to life than holding yourself back all the time, that being appealing (whether it’s personality or appearance wise) to others is far less important than being happy with yourself and loving yourself. During my years of high school, I was very miserable, felt alone, and really disliked who I was. I was always comparing myself to other people, wishing I could be liked, wishing I wasn’t so “weird”, but the older I got, the more I realized that comparing myself to other people and talking down on myself was never going to get me anywhere. Worrying about other people judging you, looking at you, etc. will only hold back your chances of being happy. Be yourself, be proud of who you are, as long as it’s not hurting anyone or yourself, there is nothing to be ashamed about. People will stare, people will make comments, people will disagree with your lifestyle choices, but, if you stand your ground and love yourself, nobody can bring you down.  You will also most definitely meet people along the way who will love and support you 100% too, sometimes immediately, sometimes it may be a while, but once you find people like that, they’ll stick with you forever. Another word of advice I always give to people is to take inspiration from others, learn and try out new things, and never doubt yourself either.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would really love to see myself advancing along in the cosmetic industry honestly, and I would also love to be at the stage to where I could meet with my viewers all over the world.

What are your hobbies, other than art?
I really love to go bowling, I also really enjoy going to museums, going out dancing, reading, swimming, and hiking during the fall season.

For the end, tell us what your main goal in the next year is, YouTube-wise?
For YouTube, my main goal is to just continue inspiring new people to have fun with their makeup and not take it too seriously. I love seeing all the different kinds of people who come on to my channel and I’m just hoping that even a year from now, I’ll continue to spark their creativity, build up their confidence, and continue to cheer them up if they’re ever feeling down.

Thank you so much for your time!
Thank you so much! It was a pleasure doing this interview for you!

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