Interview with Silky

Last week we sat down with Silky, a lovely alt model with a dreamy smile, and asked her a lot of questions. She was very gracious and gave us her time and opened the doors of her world for us. 

Hello Silky! Thank you very much for sitting down with us for this interview!

Thank you for inviting me! I feel honored to be here and share a bit about myself.

So, tell us, how did Silky come to be? What motivated you to start a modelling career?

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Well, when I was a kid my grandma and dad photographed me a lot and I loved it! My grandma and I made elaborate sets and photoshoots as a game. Also, I would steal her dresses and my grandfather’s belts and hats to make a look. *laughing

I went on to study art and design and started doing some portrait photography myself.

But my passion for alternative modeling kicked off a few years ago when I started modeling for a friend of mine, the owner of Dark Skies Online Store.

Where do you find inspiration? Do other models and artists inspire you? If so, which ones do you find most inspiring or whose work do you love especially?

I get my inspiration from nature, books, cinema, and culture and of course all the wonderful clothes I get to model.

Also, I am inspired by some of my favorite models that I look up to; such as Threnody In Velvet and Ophelia Overdose. Their work is perfect, passionate and unique. I hope that one day I will walk my own path, like these fabulous ladies.


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Are there any specific locations that you really love shooting at or which old special meaning for you?

I just adore to shoot in nature! I know my way to many gardens and forests I love to use for my photoshoots. But, I love to do photoshoots in the middle of my beautiful city, Porto the most. The fantastic architecture here is just a perfect background!

Who are some of the favorite photographers you have worked with?

My favorite photographer is Mara D’Eleán, I must say. Such a sweet person and amazing artist. It is a true pleasure to work with her.

Do you do your own MUA or do you collaborate with someone on it? How much time do you spend preparing for a photo shoot?

My favorite part of the photoshoot is preparation! I just love to do fittings, love deciding the final look and makeup! I usually do makeup by myself. I am not a professional but I always like the results.


Do you find your modelling persona to be different than your everyday self? Does standing in front of a camera change how you feel about yourself and the world at that moment?

I don’t have a modeling persona as an alter ego. What you see is what you get, a same person with happy mind and a dark soul. Standing in front of the camera makes me happy! I used to not like my body, but modeling gave me so much confidence. Now, everything feels so natural.

You are primarily a goth model, but lately you have been doing some gothabilly modelling as well. Could you tell us a bit about the differences between those two?

Goth is my natural statue! *laugh* But, I always felt attracted by the rockabilly style. It is just so cheerful and ladylike, every outfit is unique and joyful! I grew to love it since I started modeling and it influenced my personal style quite a bit.

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What is the goth scene like in Portugal? What was it like when you were growing up?

I always felt different, but since I studied at an Art School it was a perfect fit for me. In that school, anyone is accepted for who they are! I think that general public is growing more and more accustomed to alternative styles, but of course, there are always those full of prejudice.

What do you do when you aren’t modelling? What fuels your passions?

I spend almost all of my free time spoiling my dog, Loki *laugh I take him on some long walks in nature since we both love being outside. And I read books like a maniac!

What shops and brands did you work with so far, and who would you like to work with but haven’t had the chance to so far?

I feel so grateful for having an opportunity to work with so many amazing brands who believe in me and support my work! And I always give my 110% to support them back to the best of my abilities!

Some of those amazing brands are: Nocturne Jewellery, Curiology, Equinox Jewelery & Accessories, True Corset, The Black Cat Jewelery Store, and of course The Gothic Shop! Check them all out, I highly recommend!

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And, I did a special collaboration with Gothic and Amazing and Sinister! That was one of my favorite photoshoots ever! I used a garden right here in the heart of my city as a perfect set and my ferret kid, Vishous was my co-model. It was magical! I want to thank this team so much!

Also, I have my blog and website on Althemy to share my thoughts and style.

In the future, I would love to work with a lot of new brands who produce unique styles and fashions! And, of course, I hope to continue improving my photography.

You can also find Silky on Facebook and Instagram!




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