LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs review


LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs is an American cosmetics brand which describe themselves as follows:
“LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs specializes in all aspects of horror, beauty, special effects makeup. LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs is for everyone from beautiful blushing brides to beautiful bloody brides of Frankenstein.”
At first, I, as a lover of all things horror was naturally drawn to their brand because of their unique and spooky packaging. Their lipsticks are shaped like bullets, their palettes like coffins and they even have a “Book of Shadows” themed contour palette! Admittedly, I have had some lovely packaged makeup in the past which I regretted buying in the end because of lack of quality and I was a bit sceptical here as well. I´m sure I was not the only one! LunatiCK has proven me wrong for sure!



They were kind enough of send me some of these lovely products to test out but have no fear, I am always 100% blunt about my opinions and thoughts. For those who follow me on social media will already be aware of this fact 😉 I received the contour palette and one of their lipsticks in the shade “Calabaza”.





The Contour Palette


lunatick4 lunatick3

This awesome palette is so versatile as it can be used not only on the face but as eyeshadow as well! It features 12 shades which are suitable for various skin tones. Each shade contains 4 grams of product. You can achieve the perfect contour with this palette without having to dip into a cream bronzer, sculpting gel or highlighter additionally. The colours range from cool to dark and the middle vertical row is perfect to use as blusher! I have tested this palette for almost a week before writing this review and I am thrilled with the colour selection. I have very pale skin and it was always a struggle to find the perfect contour colours without looking as if I had dirt on my face. The cooler colours in this kit are amazing if you have pale skin. The first shade is completely white and is awesome as a eyebrow highlight (lift), cheek highlight or eyeshadow base. The third colour can also be used as a highlight.

lunatick12_n lunatick10I was also able to creat various eyelooks using these as eyeshadow. Whether you are a fan of warm smokey eyes or prefer black Goth glamour, you will love this palette. There is also a mirror inside. Not to mention the packaging is an eyecatcher in its own right, it has a gloomy “Book of Shadows” design which reminds me of the book in the movie “Hokus Pokus”. Nineties kids will understand 😉



Apocalipstick in the shade “Calabaza”




These awesome lippies are truly a stunner. Shaped like a bullet they look more like deco rather than a beauty product. It might not be everyone´s taste but it looks lovely nevertheless. This product contains 3,5 grams. The colour Calabaza is very unique and a bit hard to describe which is always good 🙂 LunatiCK describe it as “roasted pumpkin orange”, which is true. I would say it is a mix between burgundy and brown, the perfect Autumn vampy colour! No ghoul shall be disappointed 😀 It is very creamy in texture yet it does not run or bleed on the lips. I didn´t need to apply a lipliner prior to applying this lipstick.



lunatick5 lunatick9

All in all, LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs receive 2 thumbs up from me! Not only because of their innovative packaging, awesome formulation and lovely customer service but also because their cosmetics are vegan, cruelty free and talc free!


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