Mrs. V. discovers Belsira


Oh gentle reader, do I have a treat for you today!

A month or so ago, I stumbled upon the website of Belsira, a brand with their own unique twist on the pinup and retro fashion.

13499511_10209689260646597_1329994508_oWhile a lot of brands and shops get their inspiration from past times and classical cuts, it mostly stays just that, an inspiration, and you kind of have to squint your eyes very hard to see where their ideas came from. With Belsira, the past lives on, adapted to the more modern, or just cheekier tastes.  I knew immediately I wanted to feature them here in ALTvenger magazine.

They were delighted with the idea and sent me a selection of their clothing to wear and review (for detailed garment reviews, check my blog).  I was delighted with how friendly and welcoming they are and how excited about their work they were. It is wonderful to see so much passion and love and enthusiasm!

One of the things that I found especially appealing was their beachwear section.   It is, of course, very retro, but has been beautifully adapted for the modern day, and several of their models even feature a short skirt, for those extra modest, alongside suits and high-waist bikinis. I had a really difficult time choosing, and was delighted with my choice when the package arrived.

1And oh, let me tell you about their packaging!  I nearly lost it when I saw that the box which arrived was filled with more boxes. Every garment gets its own Belsira box so nothing gets squished or wrinkled during the shipping, and thanks to that, and the material they are made of, I wore them just out of the box, no ironing necessary.

The pieces I chose were all of modern polyester, very similar to the now super popular scuba material, and even though I was kind of sceptical about wearing it in warmer weather, I was wrong to doubt them!  I was very comfortable in all the outfits, and they all run true to size. They are a bit stretchy, but not too much, so you won’t have to fear the dress becoming misshapen as you wear it.

1Another modern detail they added were the shorter hemlines, reaching about skater dress/skirt length, making them excellent every day wear for those who love vintage inspired wardrobe, but find the vintage lengths a little too conservative, or the pure vintage cuts too costume-y.

What I perhaps appreciate most about Belsira is the playfulness in their designs. Even their shirts have an inherently sexy, playful feel to them, even though they button up all the way, and their skirts and dresses, as I already said, hit just the right length, in my opinion, to be playful and just the right amount of sexy without being too short for everyday wear. Of course, you will also find very tongue-in cheek pieces just perfect for clubbing or a theme party on their site, which is another little added bonus.


Belsira don’t have their own retail site, but you can find their stockists on their web page. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see their latest arrivals.


Model: VenusMantrap

Photographer: Villy V

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