Mrs. V. discovers Dolly and Dotty

There are some things which are near and dear to my heart, like vintage, reproduction vintage and pretty pretty dresses. There are some things which are even dearer to my heart, and those are brands and shops who really believe in what they do, and to whom their work is a thing of love.

It is always my great joy and privilege to find and discover new shops and brands, and get to peek behind the curtain, get to see what they are like and interact with them more than the average customer does.


Getting in touch with, and learning a bit about Dolly and Dotty was an especially lovely experience.

Dolly and Dotty were not only very friendly and very professional, but also take immense pride in their work, and were more than happy to send a couple of pieces over to me to review (you can see the reviews on my blog) and generally pick apart.

So, what makes Dolly and Dotty so special?

Well, for one, while being heavily inspired by vintage fashion, Dolly and Dotty keep the modern life in mind, and design clothing which you can wear to the office or around town, and still take swing dancing. In fact, their range of day dresses is something I never really encountered before in most vintage brands. They are just what a day dress is supposed to be: comfortable and practical, while still being beautiful and feminine. Also, pockets. Beautiful, deep large pockets! For me, it was love at first touch!

In fact, Dolly and Dotty can set up your entire wardrobe, from the casual to the formal, all designed by their team in Brighton, in sizes from 6 to 24.

IMG_3857Speaking of setup, no shop review is complete without reviewing their website! I love the vintage vibe they have going. It’s colourful without being garish, easy to navigate, and I absolutely adore their “Shop your size” banner! It makes choosing so much easier. If you prefer to browse by categories, you can choose between what’s new, several types of dresses, skirts, tops, accessories and sale. Their side navigation bar lets you choose not only by category and size, but also by style name, if you know exactly what you want, the colour or the pattern.

And they do offer a wide selection of patterns, something for the rockabella, for the more classical vintage girl, or a large selection of breath taking floral dresses.

There is also another thing I really love about their page, and that is their customer photos section.  Something like that really shows that they care and are interested in feedback, and that they love their products and want to see them worn and loved. It’s also a great chance for potential buyers to see how the models fit on different body types and figures, and helps them select the perfect one for themselves. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

You can find Dolly and Dotty on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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  • Dolly and dotty have a great selection of vintage clothing and are in my top favourite brands in this niche. However, I found that they do not really style for your winter wardrobe but that’s my personal experience. Keep it up

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