Mrs V has a crush on Callous Crow

I can’t believe it took me this long to discover Etsy. Seriously. I mean, I was aware of it, I would sometimes poke around it a bit, but I never really dedicated my time to it as much as I should have, it turns out.

Because boy, was I missing out! One of the stores that I almost missed (and am SO incredibly glad I didn’t) is Callous Crow.

Now, what do you need to know about Callous Crow?IMG_8327

For one, they are brand-spanking new. For two, their attention to detail borders on obsessive, and for three, they seriously love what they do, and put all of themselves in it. I’ve already talked about how this is something I appreciate in a brand, because it is the passion and the love that attracts customers as much as anything else.

In Callous Crow’s case, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously.  For me, it was love at first sight!

Drawing on one hand, deep from the traditional tattoo designs, and on the other, creating some incredibly unique and stunning designs on their own, Callous Crow walk in their own world, and offer to make yours a little stranger in turn.

They embroider their designs on cardigans, adding their own unique twist to them, such as glow in the dark thread, they embroider them on cushions so gorgeous and intricately made I’d put them up on a shelf to just admire, they put them on hoodies, they bleach and print them on incredibly detailed and nightmarish tshirt designs, and finally, they put them on ties.IMG_8119

A smaller brand means more attention to detail, means a more personal touch, and above all, it means higher quality.  This is why Callous Crow should not be seen as a gimmick or quirky brand.  You can count on the fact that their ties will look equally stunning in the club or at a concert as they will in an office or more formal setting. I for one, adore the idea of bringing the weird into my office in chosen details.

Some of those details are their cardigans as well.  Prim and proper at first glance, they all reveal an unusual twist and a slightly darker edge. Little skulls that glow in the dark, praying skeleton hands in roses and swallows that look like they came off a sailor are the perfect addition to any alternative wardrobe.

And all this leads me to their incredible Tshirt designs. At first I thought it was a screen  print, but then I realised that there is some strange and occult alchemy involved in it, with the shirt actually being bleached, and then having details linoprinted into it. Every shirt becomes a unique work of art that way.  And how often do you really get art that you can wear?


You can get your hands on their stuff on their Etsy page, and you can go tell them how much you love them on FacebookInstagram and twitter!

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