Sinner’s Day, Nov 20th 2016 Hasselt (B) – review

overviewAfter a four year hiatus, Sinner’s Day is back under new management and with a new structure. Sinner’s Day was mostly oriented towards the “dark scene” in the previous years, but starting from this one, we can already notice some changes. The next edition will aim at an even broader audience. “The Residents” and the Belgian band “Goose” are expected. But first about this edition. Around 7000 people showed up. This proves that the so called scene is not dead. Majority of visitors who attended this year’s Sinner’s Day could enjoy not only the shows, but the atmosphere and the reunion with friends and acquaintances as well.

Cassandra Complex


Being the first on the podium means arriving early to the soundcheck. Frontman Rondey made a funny comment about it during his live performance. But despite the early appearance, the venue was already filled with lots of Cassandra Complex fans. Unfortunately for us, they only got to play a 30 minute set. Too many great songs throughout the years and so little time to perform. “Nightfall (over EC)” was indeed a good way to start the show and to draw the immediate attention of the visitors. Rodney had another nice anecdote about “Second Shot” being written in Belgium many years ago. After it, we heard “The War Against Sleep” and “Moscow Idaho”. Bad luck for the guys when the keyboard broke down and due to the lack of time, they hurried to play their last song and their first ever pressing “March”.

the-beat-2 the-beat-6

The Beat

The ska/reggae band The Beat has been around since 1978, same as the other bands which performed today. Although they play a totally different music style from other performers here, they managed to blend in perfectly. People showed they had a broad taste in music and were not reluctant to sing along to “Hands Off, She’s Mine”, “Too Nice To Talk To” and “Doors Of Your Heart”. They brought an ode to Joe Strummer with “Rock The Casbah”.



It took a while before I could really start to enjoy Tuxedomoon on stage. I experienced their music a bit dark and indeed heavy to listen to. However, during the show my impressions started changing. Although I perceived it a bit too heavy and too dark, I could still hear and appreciate the perfection of their live performance. However, I would rather see and hear this in a theatre. Their music was accompanied by beautiful and morbid visuals.


There is no need for a special introduction of these two lads. They started the show with one of their greatest hits “Verschwende deine Jugend”. Gabi used the stage as a running track, running from one side to the other. He pulled one of his well known stunts by pouring water onto himself and the front row’s audience. We weren’t surprised as we could expect it, but it’s always a special thrill. After “Der Mussolini “, the show slowed down and it seemed harder to keep the audience’s attention. Of course we all know “Muskel”, “Mein Herz macht Bum” and “Sato-Sato”. Even though the songs are great, another setlist might have been a better choice for keeping the audience in sync with Gabi’s and Robert’s enthusiasm. After 45 minutes, the action came to the abrupt end. Not because of some technical issues but the limited time schedule.


Tricky seemed like a bit of a misfit in today’s lineup. This trip-hop artist has been around for quite some time, but I felt he had little to do with the new wave/punk/goth scene. So, does he fit into this program? Surprisingly, the answer would be “Yes”. Perhaps the answer is not entirely surprising, since he is as well a part of the electronic music scene, and what further links him with this genre is his cover of “Siouxsie and the Banshees“ and his involvement in Massive Attack. He performs intriguingly with one microphone against his chest and the other one to his mouth. He was the only artist who didn’t allow taking photos.

omd-7 omd-1


A fantastic performance from the band that everybody knows inside and outside “the scene”. The 80s sound was still fresh, like nothing has changed in terms of sound or the vocal performance. Starting with “Enola Gay”, other hits just followed: ”Talking loud and clear”, “Metroland”, “Sailing the seven seas”, “Locomotion”. The performance of “Joan of Arc” was rewarded with a massive applause; a truly magical moment. An ending with “Electricity” makes this gig probably the best of the day.

pil-5 pil-4


One of the few performances you can see nowadays from good old John. They started with “Public Image” as John stood behind a reading desk with his glasses on and read the song text. After his voice warmed up, the things started sounding a lot batter. Punk is not dead yet and PIL is the living proof. It’s more Punk without somewhat softer edges. Different time, different sound. Of course we heard “This is not a love song” and “Rise”.


Sisters of Mercy

A worthy ending of Sinner’s Day or not? They are not the Sisters we used to see a long time ago. During the last few years we saw some of their good and bad concerts. Tonight we got to see the better one. Raw guitar sound and not too many changes to the original songs. Unfortunately you could hardly hear Eldritch’s voice. But no one seemed to care. Real fans knew all their songs and loudly sang along.

Sinner’s Day 2016 was a good Edition with enough variety. A very nice Arena/Venue. Some nice markets and a separate Dance Hall with a very good DJ Filip Wildhoney. A few more food stalls would be very welcome next year.

Review written by : Monique Rijksen

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