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As it is the case with a lot of wonderful things, The Jacks started their life on Kickstarter. They are a team of two graphic designers, a 3D artist and a sculptor who met while still in university, and who decided to try and create something different and unique for your home.

Their first project were the “crying candles”: featuring a ceramic base shaped like a skull, deer head or rabbit, with eye holes where the wax from the antlers, ears or brain can later drip, giving the candles their name.  They were later supplemented with new miniature candles, polygon candles, candle coasters and melting heart ornaments, as well as giant skull candles.



The Jacks sent us a box filled with their flagship products, and the moment I opened it I was caught in a beautiful, sweet and clean smelling cloud. Even with all the candle scents mixed, there was more harmony than cacophony in the mixture, and I sat back, delighted.




The melting heart ornaments were the first thing that caught my attention. I read about them on their website, and wasn’t entirely sold on the idea of a scented plaster ornament. How does that work, I wondered, what do they mean when they say soft aroma? Well, I soon found out that the ornaments are indeed very cute (mine have a pretty black ribbon), and the scent is indeed soft, but by no means weak, strongly reminiscent of clean linens and just a touch of sweetness. It immediately found a home in my bedroom!

IMG_0070       IMG_0049

The box also contained a porcelain deer head with matching antlers, and two miniature candles, a rabbit and a deer.

IMG_0055          IMG_0059

The miniature candles came in their own special little cloth bags, and they also smell clean and fresh, with a scent that reminds me of white flowers, and frankly, if The Jacks made perfumes and soaps, I think I’d snatch those up in a second, because why should only my house smell this pretty?!

The deer head with the matching antlers (for reference-the antlers are about palm-height) are just the right mixture of cute and unsettling. I love the simple and elegant design, and was, once again, won over by the scent. This one is slightly heavier and sweeter, with a delicate oriental note, and has that fairytale feel you’d expect in such a design. It is sweet without being sickly or overpowering, and just the right amount of heavy without being stifling.  I’ve dubbed it the night scent.


I admit to having saved my favourites for last- The black and white porcelain skulls with the pink and blue brains.

Whereas you might hesitate to put a skull on your mantelpiece or table, I can assure you that these are not your regular Halloween skulls. Their design, as with all I’ve seen from The Jacks so far is very sleek and very elegant, and, at least to me, seems to fit in a very wide variety of styles. I can just as easily picture one of the skulls in a minimalist, modernist apartment as I can in a richly decorated and plush Victorian inspired one. It would look just as well on your Tiki bar as it would adding a twist to a more traditional home.

The skulls themselves are pretty big too. The brain candles just fit barely in my hand, they are somewhat larger than a tennis ball.  Of all the scents, these are the freshest, but don’t think that fresh means citrusy. If anything, I would say they smell like lilies of the valley, and remind me again of a clean, fresh, soapy smell.


Aside from the beautiful designs, what I especially appreciate about The Jacks is how much effort was put into the scents themselves. They could have easily go for the traditional scents of oranges and spices, or incense, but have instead opted to create open, fresh scents that give the home a cared for, loved smell, and serve as accents instead of overpowering.

They have certainly justified the trust put into them by their Kickstarter backers, and I hope that there will be many more designs and styles to come!

You can follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and you can get your own candles on their website.





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