The Red Paintings ‘Deleted Romantic Tour’: Kulturrampe Krefeld Germany, 10 May, 2017 – review


Caution! Be very careful because you could easily get addicted to The Red Paintings and before you even realise it, you could become a member of their very loyal fanbase called ‘The Red Children”.

Welcome to the beautiful theatrical world of The Red Paintings! A world so different from all you know, that it is utterly unique.

This Australian orchestral art rock group put on a performance unlike any you have ever seen. They created artwork live on stage by having artists paint on their human canvases. A whole new show with the craziest costumes giving an insight into the new record which will see the light of day in a few weeks or maybe months…once it’s finished to perfection, with the best possible orchestral sound.

2017_05_06_125787For this night, The Red Paintings turned the small but very cosy venue Kulturrampe in Krefeld into a spooky dark forest were one could easily get lost. About one hundred people made it to the first sold-out concert of this tour which kicked off in Berlin a few days before and will go from the UK to Russia, to Iceland, and so on.

As the lights dimmed and sounds of birds twittering filled the room, the singer Trash McSweeney and his all-female band entered the stage followed by a female human canvas wearing a big round golden mask.

Trash’s costume stands tree-like with glowing eyes which seem to follow every movement in the space. The dress is all covered with veins which sometimes even glow. TRP flows in all Trash’s veins as he is so passionate in everything he does. The beautiful violinist Alix Kol wears a geisha dress with small triangular mirrors divided by transparent lines. Their new bass-player, and the drummer wear similar Japanesque kimonos. As you can imagine, this is not the average stage-performance one is used to.

The setlist was an exciting mixture of older and some new songs which fit seamlessly into The Red Paintings world as we know it. Even the two cover songs2017_05_06_125710 of tonight, Tear for Fears’ Mad World and Michael Jackson’s ‘They don’t care about us’, sound as if composed by Trash McSweeny himself.

As always, The Red Paintings gave their all in this very hot venue as the female human canvas almost fainted while being painted on stage.

If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to step into the theatrical world of The Red Paintings during this ‘Deleted Romantic’ tour in your city, don’t miss out on them. And if you are an artist yourself you can sign up to become a part of this performance on stage as they are taking submissions for painters and human canvases through their website now!

setlist: God Save Silence, Chinese Whisper, It Is As It Was, They Don’t Care About Us, Streets Fell Into My Window, Surreal Opus, Wasps, Fall Of Rome, Mad World, The Arctic Is Screaming, You’re Not One Of Them, The Revolution Is Never Coming, Encore: Deleted Romantic

review by Bas Mercx, photos by Gosia Budig


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