Ticci Rockabilly


One of the largest sources of unique clothing, and at the same time one of the simplest platforms for small brands to sell on is etsy.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find that right gem in a sea of vintage, upcycled and not at all handmade or unique items.  One brand, however, that seems to sail these choppy waters without a single hitch is Ticci Rockabilly.

img_8919This quirky and unique retro brand was founded in 2004 by Stefánia Ágoston, in Budapest,  Hungary, and combines two things I love most- young, interesting designers, and retro fashion. It always delights me to see how other people see and interpret vintage fashions, and so far, Ticci Rockabilly have proven to see it in a unique and interesting way.

Their designs bring the 50’s fashion to mind immediately, but at no point reproduces the designs or the exact feel of the era blindly, instead opting to take their own spin on it to provide the wearer with a unique and truly timeless piece.

Now, I wouldn’t be swooning over them this much if I didn’t get my grubby paws on their western style long-sleeved dress, which you can’t get me out of these days.  Since they also do bespoke orders, they made this one to my measurements, ensuring a perfect fit.

paris-momAnother thing which makes Ticci Rockabilly truly amazing however, is their range of maternity wear.  I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever encountered a rockabilly shop which carries even a few pieces suited for maternity wear, let alone an entire collection, and I am delighted!  As with their main line, the entire collection is true to the vintage spirit, but is subtle enough for everyday wear.

Ticci Rockabilly also feature a wedding collection, and I am honestly blown away by it. This does not happen often.  Whichever style you prefer, they’ve got you covered. There is a rhinestone and denim Elvis-suit style wedding dress, a beautiful white strapless piece with rhinestone cherry details, chiffon cocktail style dresses, and an absolutely breath-taking three-piece wedding suit consisting of a dress, jacket and overskirt, the last two featuring a black and white leopard lining.


Their home page serves more as a virtual showroom for their pieces, where you can see photos of their pieces from every collection, while the actual shopping is done via their etsy page, making it easy to navigate and secure. The prices are also very friendly, especially since they modify pieces for you and they are not off the rack. They are also very friendly and helpful, and were a pleasure to do business with.

You can see that Ticci Rockabilly loves vintage, loves their customers, and loves what they do.  You can see it in the attention to detail in their garments, in their product photos, in their page… in just about everything they do, and that, in turn, makes me like them even more.

You can find them on their homepage, etsy, Instagram and Facebook.



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