Tim Muddiman “Domino Blitz” – album review


Tim Muddiman has just released the long awaited second album called Domino Blitz. Although the enigmatic title won’t suggest anything at first, the idea behind the album becomes evident once you dive into the world of imagery created by Tim. You don’t want to fast forward or skip anything on this release. However, bear in mind that you have to pay the closest attention to the lyrics of the song which best defines the concept, “Domino Blitz”. Tim is direct and DominoBlitzunpretentious. He talks about unconventional nonconformists, original or even deviant individuals you might encounter at certain places and spaces in time, even if they only come in dreams. They might be twisted and ugly or beautiful and supreme, your choice. But you might just find them at Domino Blitz. He opposes the stifling standards and norms imposed by the society, while challenging you to review your own perspectives and values. The first single, “Get It On”, examines a similar subject; people who live on the edge of what is socially acceptable, yet make their own way, with or without social approval. The sound is, same as lyrics, raw, unpolished and in your face. However, the album is so diverse that it can’t only be defined by the main theme. While the opening track “Broken Down Superstar” is heavily rock ‘n roll oriented, “Summer Moon”, “Out of This World” and “Wild Horses” offer a softer side of Mr. Muddiman with beautiful flowing melodies and emotionally soothing feel. Tim employs all his creative powers and derives the inspiration from rock ‘n roll, Americana, alternative rock, blues and even pop. He sounds like Cave with smoky “White Dove”, goes pop with catchy “Clark Gable”, and paints a pic of Twin Peaks with haunting “From The Hills”.

The album is rich in mental imagery; it’s story-telling and musically and lyrically inspiring. Domino Blitz undoubtedly deserves attentive and mindful listening. If you’re open minded, you’ll embrace this album for all it has to offer; amazing tunes, wonderful guitar lines, expressive vocals, vivid imagination, cinematic stories, reality checks and drifts into another dimension, where you can find Tim and the rest of us.

It’s difficult to be completely objective when writing about this album; Tim’s originality is running from every pore. You can feel the sweat, but it’s sweet and addictive; there’s charm which is undeniable! It will capture you with its demonstration of life and things we do and do not understand, but not everything needs to be obvious. And the world of music just got richer by the release that I consider to be the best alternative rock album of the year.

Domino Blitz is available for pre order until May 11th via https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/timmuddiman and it will be released on all digital platforms immediately afterwards.

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