marijaMarija Buljeta



Marija Buljeta is a freelance photographer from London, United Kingdom. Although she has a master’s degree in economics, her passions made her choose another path in life, that of photography, music and jewellery design. Although she has been working as a photographer for more than 8 years, she is also a jewellery designer and a long time DJ. She has worked as a photographer with many alternative clothing shops and brands, as well as musicians and bands, her work was exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in her home country and abroad, and she is a member of Camera Club London, United Kingdom.




Roger op den Camp


My name is Roger op den Camp. Way back in time I was fascinated by some bands like Fields of the Nephilim. Many years later I was given the opportunity to actually shoot these bands. For about 7 years I am doing this with lots of passion and commitment. My other passion is to photograph abandoned buildings around Europe and maybe some other parts in the rest of the world. It gives me a lot of pleasure to travel around Europe for some city trips and combine my Concert/Festival passion with my abandoned buildings photography over there.






Graphic designer, music enthusiast and occasional columnist. Currently spending time in Zagreb and Vienna, involved in the local music scene and projects, some of which are his own formations, others appear in printed word or virtually displayed across the Internet’s absolute elsewhere.






Bas Bas Mercx


living in the centre of Europe I’m very lucky to have five countries within a 2,5 hours’ drive for frequent visits to concerts and music festivals. Therefore, the music is one of my many passions. Being a musician myself in a percussion band, I’m always interested in the person behind the music, their image and their drive to create. Another passion of mine is architecture, as I am an interior architect and professor at the Maastricht Academy of Architecture. Music, fashion, street art, movies, architecture, photography, art, taxidermy, theatre…if it’s odd and extraordinary it attracts my attention. Writing about music gives me the ability to express my insights. Maybe it’s my desire for teaching that I want to reveal more than just the song…




Monique Rijksen


My part-time job gives me a lot of time for doing things I like. Such as going to going to concerts. listening to music and meeting old and new friends.

Sometimes I even write a review about it. I also like to read books and walk through nature.








EBM enthusiast living in London, United Kingdom. I am a frequent festivals visitor and reporter, mainly interested in electronic, EBM, Synth pop and Industrial scene. When not working as an IT specialist, I enjoy traveling, cycling, online and roleplay games, literature, films, series and of course music.






DJ Father CoVen

Host of Bloodlit Radio

Dj Father CoVen started his DJ’ing career in the late 1990’s. With a passion for dark music (Industrial, gothic rock, darkwave) and a love for dark alternative culture the BloodlitRadio project was born. in an on going effort to help and support the great artists that give new sound and the creativity of dark imagery. For many years I have been a collector of music and have dj’ed at various live events in the past.
If you’re in a band with a dark sound and want to be a part of our Bloodlit Radio broadcast please contact me directly and I would absolutely love to hear from you and play your music. Tune into our live radio stream at where we play new club anthems and forgotten classics, cheers!




Graphic designer/Web designer

I am Violeta, Master of Science in Graphic Technology, Graphic Product Design, from Zagreb, Croatia. With my burning passion for music and original and creative graphis design, which describes all my visions and interpretations, I started to design effective and very well accepted websites, merchandise and artworks for rock, metal, gothic and all kind of alternative bands, artists, portals, festivals, magazines, labels, models, agencies etc.




clClaire H.

Columnist/Copy editor

My name is Claire and I currently reside in Nottingham, England. I have a degree in English with Philosophy and I recently completed a master’s degree in English Literature. I adore Jacobean drama, and my favourite playwrights are William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson. Reading is my favourite pastime. I also enjoy exploring old and beautiful places and spending time with my little black cat named Figgy.





tina12Mrs. V


Old enough to buy a drink anywhere in the world, Mrs. V spends her time gathering useless and not so useless information, when she isn’t helping dredge up people’s sometimes embarrassing ancestors and family histories. For a while she studied human languages and customs, but abandoned it in favor of computer languages and systems. She has far too little time and far too many interests, and is currently living in Zagreb, Croatia, where she and Mr. V are being owned by one opinionated hound and two black cats of dubious morals.