Apoptygma Berzerk remixes “Sins Of Mine” by Mortiis


Norwegian electronic act Apoptygma Berzerk reworked one of The Great Deceiver tracks by Mortiis which can be found on the Mortiis’ latest The Great Corrupter remix album.

Apoptygma shaped “Sins Of Mine” into a perfect catchy and dancy synth-pop hit which will appeal to the fans of the genre.

Stephan from Apoptygma Berzerk really twisted ‘Sins of Mine’ into a way more accessible format, which I really liked,” said Mortiis. “When I made that track, it was this semi-dissonant, somber piece about hopelessness and just giving up and letting past guilts and crimes wash over me and undo me, just make me disappear. So it was really dark. Stephan twisted it around to become this way more accessible, yet very uncommercial song, still about the darkness that follows guilt. Those wonderful feelings were kept intact.”

Mortiis himself was even able to add a little to the Apoptygma Berzerk version of the song. “I had this one line from the lyrics that I could never seem to fit in, so it was left out,” he said. “But Stephan wanted me to come in and add some new vocals, so I was able to put it in there. I simply repeated it, like some sort of mantra.”

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