Black Needle Noise premieres new track “I Am God” with Marselle Hodges


Legendary producer John Fryer is back with another new single from his Black Needle Noise project, “I Am God”. Staying true to his tradition of involving a new vocalist for every song from this project, this track showcases the vocal talents of Marselle Hodges. For this song, Fryer I Am Godmakes clever use of minimal, restrained production to truly showcase Hodges’ dramatic vocals. The result is a beautiful combination of subtle electronic sounds and a melodic voice that complement and balance one another in every way.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics, Marselle Hodges had this to say: “‘I Am God’ is inspired by one of the craziest years I’ve experienced, full of high highs and the lowest of lows. I felt as if I was God’s plaything. The lyric ‘I can make things different or blow it all away’ pretty much describes the tumultuous feeling I had in response to these seemingly capricious events. But then I tried to put myself in God’s place — wanting to be worshiped and believed in despite it all, or perhaps because of it all. Isn’t that what we all want?”

Meanwhile, Fryer shared the story of how he and Hodges ended up collaborating: “Brian [Marselle’s husband] had just done a remix for me, and I went to check out his band the Blue Hour and I really liked Marselle’s voice, so I asked her if she would be interested in singing a song for me. I’m so happy she said yes, as I think the song turned out beautifully noisy and pop.”

Watch the video for “I Am God” here, and if you like what you heard, head over to Black Needle Noise’s Bandcamp page and show your support by buying the song.