Black Needle Noise releases “A Shiver of Want” with Bill Leeb


a1880362451_10This time, John Fryer has teamed up with Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly and Deleruim to create “A Shiver of Want” track for Black Needle Noise. The noisy, atmospheric, mystical and soul-stirring track takes the listener on a voyage to the BNN’s unexplored soundscapes. The overall sound is darkish and heavy, yet soothing at the same time. Bill Leeb has been, for the first time in his long career, in charge of songwriting and singing in a project that is not his own, and it seems that he has submerged into the depths of the BNN “underworld”. The result of the collaboration of the two masters of sound is a sublime and majestic piece of art.

Find Black Needle Noise at Bandcamp: