Cubanate announce new EP “Kolossus”


The industrial techno-rock duo Cubanate have announced the release of their first new music in over two decades in the form of an EP entitled ‘Kolossus’. It follows their ‘Brutalism’ retrospective collection in 2017 and a brief return to live action for the first time since the late 90’s.

kolossusDiscussing his working relationship with guitarist Phil Barry, front man Marc Heal states that they had started thinking about writing new material after the positive reaction to their initial comeback shows, but as they live on separate continents these days “that’s more difficult than it sounds. Of course, these days you can send each other files, swap ideas across email instantly. But that’s not it. You start to realise that being in a band is actually about sharing a vision and indeed a method of working. That’s much easier when you’re hanging out together, seeing other bands, sharing inspiration. All that stuff is easier when you’re younger, I think. However, we decided that we were definitely, absolutely going to release something. Whatever we came up with, it was going out. It was the only way, otherwise we’d have been noodling around for another twenty years. We decided that an EP would be a manageable target.”

The techno-rock crossover music made by Cubanate in the 1990’s was both controversial and influential. They were one of the few ‘Industrial’ bands to cross over to mainstream audiences and were regular fixtures in publications as diverse as Kerrang! and Melody Maker, as well as on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. They toured with acts such as Front 242, Gary Numan, The Sisters of Mercy and Front Line Assembly, while their songs have appeared in film, TV and game soundtracks.

In 1997, seeking a change of label and direction, Cubanate signed to Wax Trax! for what was to be their final album to date, ‘Interference’. 

Kolossus is out June 7th on Armalyte Records. Pre-orders available here:

Live Dates:

01.06.19  LONDON Elektrowerkz (with PIG)

07.06.19  LEIPZIG Wave Gotik Treffen

CUBANATE photo by David Hindley