Diamond Black release ‘GHOST IN THE GLASS’ new single


coverDiamond Black are a dark-rock quartet based in London, founded by  Ben Christo (guitarist in The Sisters of Mercy). The band deliver a dark fusion of hard rock and powerful, yet haunting melodies. Their music expression can be described as a mix of the 80s rock and electro sound and the 90s industrial-metal vibes. Diamond Black are inspired by bands like Katatonia, Depeche Mode, Type O Negative and The Cult.

After releasing their debute single “Sorrow” in October 2017, the band released “Ghost In The Glass” on 13 April. In the band’s words, the song is “equal parts ferocity and fragility, a tale of sin and solitude, crafted to lure you into the depths of the diamond black…” When asked about the lyrics, they explain: “we only write what we feel, so the lyrics are intensely personal, fiercely honest and cathartic and are born from regret, crushing anxiety, emotional fragility, fear, desire, insecurity, addiction and hedonism.