Front Line Assembly release an unexpected cover of Falco’s “Rock Me Amadeus”


Throughout their entire career, Front Line Assembly has continued to push the limits of the electro-industrial genre that their music has helped define, and this new cover song only pushes those limits even further. The newest surprise from the band, perhaps recorded as a nod to founding member Bill Leeb’s Austrian heritage, is a uniquely catchy cover of Falco’s 1985 smash hit “Rock Me Amadeus”. The song features Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine on vocals.

A video for the song is now available as well, directed by Jason Alacrity, who is well established in industrial and electronic circles thanks to his work for bands such as Skinny Puppy. Showcasing laser lights, vintage video effects, and Jimmy Urine himself sporting a Max Headroom-like look and appearing on an old CRT television, the video is both a kitschy tribute to the 80s and a contemporary companion to a classic pop song, all rolled up into one colourful and at times almost nostalgic package.

“Rock Me Amadeus” appears on Front Line Assembly’s first new album in six years, “Wake Up the Coma”, releasing February 8th. It’s an album fans won’t want to miss, as it marks longtime collaborator Rhys Fulber’s studio return to FLA after his touring return in 2016. The first single from the album, “Eye on You”, featuring one of Bill Leeb’s earliest influences, Robert Görl of DAF, was released last month. The album also includes guest appearances by Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost and Chris Connelly of Ministry and Revolting Cocks fame.

Enjoy the video for “Rock Me Amadeus”!