Jean-Marc Lederman reveals new project “13 Ghost Stories”


“You come back to Earth, as a ghost, for 24 hours. What do you do?”

Would you seek revenge towards those who wronged you? Would you try to fix your own wrongs? Would you seek out a loved one one last time? Maybe you would simply… float?

That’s the simple yet loaded question asked by Belgian industrial pioneer Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weatherman, Fad Gadget, Ghost&Writer) to every vocalist and novelist joining his “13 Ghost Stories” project. Some responded with lyrics, others with vocals, while Lederman worked his magic to create the backing music for each track. The result is an intriguing and at times emotionally overwhelming concept album.

Releasing March 1st on Dependent Records, the album is available both as a single CD edition with 17 tracks, or a limited 2 CD edition with 23 tracks and a 36-page hardcover book featuring 3 short stories and stunning artwork fitting the theme of the album.

jean-marc.lederman.experience-13.ghost.stories-mind300-mainThe featured singers are as follows:

– Christer Hermodsson from SPARK!!

– Louise Fraser

– Stefan Netschio from Beborn Beton

– Juliette Bossé from Rive • Botanique

– Jenna Fearon

– Agi Taralas from Our Banshee

– Elena Alice Fossi from Kirlian Camera and SPECTRA*paris

– Yvette Winkler from Vaselyne

– Mark Hockings from mesh

– Natasha A Twentyone from Ambassador21

– Alice Gift from Velvet Condom and Liste Noire

– Christa Jerôme

– Rascal Hueppe from Rotersand

– Julianne Regan from All About Eve

– Darrin C Huss from Psyche

– Rexx Arkana from FGFC820 and Brudershaft

– JP Aston from Gene Loves Jezebel with Jay Aston and Ugly Buggs

– Nicola Testa

– Louise Love from Parallox

Some are already well-known, but for others, this is their first time to shine! The short stories included in the hardcover book come from Rodney Orpheus of The Cassandra Complex, Christina Zun of Witchblade Comics and Julianne Reagan, while the artwork is from graphic designer Erica Hinyot.

The track “The Dead Still Scream”, featuring Christer Hermodsson on vocals, features in this product video for the album:

If you like what you hear, pre-order the album here: