JOHN FRYER’s BLACK NEEDLE NOISE reveals New Video/Single “La diosa y el hombre”


a2573536173_10La diosa y el hombre” is the latest single of Black Needle Noise, the collaborative project of the legendary producer John Fryer and various astounding singers/songwriters. The single features Mexican vocalist Azzul Monra who sings the song in her native Spanish. John says: “I like to keep people guessing as to what will be released next, not only with sound but now with what language the song will be in.”

La diosa y el hombre” takes us on the emotional voyage with it’s startling synth soundscapes, captivating vocals and hypnotizing atmosphere.

Black Needle Noise will release the three-track 7″ vinyl single “I Am You” on 20 May, 2018. It features vocals by Dr. Strangefryer on the industrial-leaning title track “I Am You,” Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delirium) on “A Shiver of Want” and Tara Busch on “Under My Skin.”  It is available for pre order via No Devotion Records

Enjoy the video for “La diosa y el hombre”!