KIRLIAN CAMERA “SKY COLLAPSE” new single featuring Eskil Simonsson (Covenant) out now!


Sky Collapse is the first single from the forthcoming new album Hologram Moon (out 26.01.18) by the Italian electronic dark wave act Kirlian Camera. It also marks a new collaboration between two of the most distinguished names in Europe’s electro-pop scene, with Swedish icon Eskil Simonsson of Covenant duetting with Kirlian Camera singer Elena Alice Fossi. ’Sky Collapse’ is written by Fossi with band mate Angelo Bergamini and mixed by the legendary producer John Fryer.


7ab21da51c104887a0ec59101eced33a8adc568d1 Sky Collapse (feat. Eskil Simonsson) 05:41

2 Sky Collapse (Dancetronic Mix) 05:12 

3 Venus Maze (1700 2 2000) 02:26

4 Moonlight Sonata For Holograms (Alternative Version) 06:01

Released on Dependent

featured photo by Foto Studio Migliorini