LÆBEL presents “Heaerts Combine”, an international EBM/industrial compilation for the benefit of Claus Larsen and Kurt Grünewald Hansen


Heaerts Combine, an international compilation of 25 EBM/industrial bands, was released on 22 March through LÆBEL. The goal of the release is to raise money for living and medical expenses  for industrial/EBM legend Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip, Klutae, Am Tierpark, Mirland/Larsen, the Stricken) and his husband Kurt Grünewald Hansen, who is unfortunately very sick, which makes it difficult for the couple to earn their living through touring.

Based on an original idea by Jonathan Kaplan (For All The Emptiness), tracks were compiled by John R. Mirland (LÆBEL, Am Tierpark, Mirland/Larsen, Mirland) and Troy Hilton (DSOL Productions) with artwork arranged by Jonathan Kaplan and mastering provided by Sebastian Komor (Komor Commando).

laebel-hc-coverThe compilation’s impressive track list includes names such as Die Krupps, Psyche feat. Dirk Ivens, SKOLD, Mortiis and many more. All were asked to deliver an exclusive track making this compilation a must have for collectors.

All profits go directly to Claus Larsen and Kurt Grünewald Hansen.

Heaerts Combine is a digital download only and can be purchased through the Bandcamp page:



1. Leaether Strip – A Man A Life A Legacy (Tribute To David Bowie ), 2. SKOLD – White as Chalk, 3. Ego Likeness – New Legion (Leæther Strip Remix), 4. For All The Emptiness – Texting on the dancefloor (Jonny Mcgovern cover featuring The Gothsicles), 5. Mirland – Headshot, 6. Decoded Feedback – I Am The One, 7. Caustic – Beating Off a Dead Horse, 8. VV303 – Micro Species, 9. Orpin Own – Brain Teaser, 10. N3VOA – Absolution, 11. Glass Apple Bonzai – In the Dark (Ave Satania!), 12. Digital Factor – Falling Angels, 13. 7th Victim – Don’t Go Outside and Never Talk to Anybody, 14. Stoneburner: Glassblower (Download cover), 15. Forma Tadre – Here we are again!, 16. Wiccid – Tomorrow Without Fear (Wiccid Remix), 17. ManMindMachine – Kontakt (Negant Remix), 18. Mona Mur & En Esch – Candy Cane (DeKonstruKted Remix) by B-Audio, 19. 11Grams – Immortal (Hexadiode Remix), 20. Ludovico Technique – Absence (FlammPunkt Remix), 21. Psyche ft. Dirk Ivens – Ghostrider (Live Improvisation), 22. Die Krupps – Fatherland (Live), 23. Dawn of Ashes – Mark Of The Beast, 24. Birmingham 6 – Who Do You Love? (For Claus & Kurt)25. Mortiis – Perfectly Defect (Ultrastate Remix)