League Of Lights reveal new single and video “Modern Living”


Electronic pop-duo League Of Lights have just released the new single and video “Modern Living” from their forthcoming album Dreamers Don’t Come Down. The album is an outstanding collections of songs inspired by early ’80s synth pioneers like John Foxx, as well as ’00s exponents of the genre such as Ladytron. Richard West explains: We wanted it to be more piano-driven than our previous release and deliberately utilised a smaller pallet of sounds. We had just recorded the song ‘Modern Living’ and that helped to define how our new material would sound – more open than before with less synths and more space for Farrah’s voice to really lift off. It’s as much about the space as it is about the notes.”

The majority of the album was written and recorded during the 2020 spring/summer lockdown, with Farrah stating that “it is about the past, the present and the future; about taking the best from all that you have been through, the pressures of modern life and keeping your dreams alive in dark times.”

Dreamers Don’t Come Down will be out on 23.04.2021 in CD and digital format on Eightspace Records and as an LP on Plane Groovy.

You can pre-order the album here.