LEATHERS release new single “Phantom Heart”


LeathersLEATHERS, the darkwave side project of visual artist and musician Shannon Hemmett of ACTORS, have released a new single, “Phantom Heart”, on February 15th. A video for the song is in the works as well.

The song’s ethereal-sounding synths combined with Hemmett’s dreamlike vocals give the song an almost surreal feel, while its catchy, pulsing beat makes it an unexpected earworm.

LEATHERS first came together in 2016, releasing their first single “Missing Scene” in October of that year. Their critically well-received second single “Day For Night” followed in May 2017. Both songs also have their own music videos. Hemmett will be on stage with ACTORS for their US and Canada tour this spring.

Listen to “Phantom Heart” on Bandcamp here: https://leathers.bandcamp.com/track/phantom-heart