M73 make their debut on Laebel with the new track “Nightfall”


Founded in 2014, M73 had only one song to call their own, the track “Reality Check” released by Swedish label Kodapa on the Dark Synth Sounds compilation… until now! “Nightfall”, the first track from their upcoming album Tainted, is now available, with a music video also released on January 3rd.

M73 is the newest project of John R. Mirland, well-known for his work with Am Tierpark, Negant, and of course his solo project Mirland. All music and vocals for this new album are by Mirland, making this the first time he takes on the role of lead singer. Mastering for the album was done by Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip, without whom M73 would never have gotten its second wind; it was him who pushed Mirland to start singing, which resulted in the recording of a few demos in 2018. Said demos laid the foundation for M73’s fresh start, with a sound reminiscent of old school dark electro/EBM.

Tainted will be released on Laebel later this year.

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Enjoy the video for “Nightfall”!