M73’s new single “Polarizer” makes its debut on Laebel


PolarizerM73, the industrial/power noise side project of John R. Mirland – well-known for his work with Am Tierpark, Negant, and of course his own solo act Mirland – released “Polarizer”, his second single after a four-year hiatus, on February 15th. This new single is a dark yet dance-worthy track about defiance and refusing to fit into society’s expectations, something that many of us can surely relate to.

The song is composed and written by John R. Mirland and mastered by his equally well-known long-time collaborator Claus Larsen.

Much like his previous single “Nightfall”, “Polarizer” is released by Laebel and is currently available on all major digital outlets and streaming services, as well as on Bandcamp.

Listen to “Polarizer” on Bandcamp here: https://m73dk.bandcamp.com/track/polarizer

Keep up with updates from M73 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/m73official