Mental Illness Compilation 2017


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I am gathering band submissions for a physical release in 2017. yes, a CD and it will have a CD inside it.
This is fully paid for, no dodgy schemes that make me richer (hah! as if).
The theme is MENTAL ILLNESS.
If you are an artist and you have suffered mental illness or you have been affected by mental illness (your own or a close person) and you have made a song/track about it then I would like to hear it.
mental_illnessPreferred genres are:
Synth pop
Military Pop
Neo classic
Dark wave
Point is, I would like a rhythm, I would prefer it if it were dancy.
I would like you to mail me on snoww dot wwhite at gmail dot com with a link to your track subject like Mental Illness compilation.
Also, all other artists, graphic artists, painters, poets, writers, origami masters, photographers etc. are encouraged to contribute too and will either be part of the cover or part of the web site.
Anyone thinking the world spins differently than that should either be incredibly famous or go away as I am very unlikely to accommodate you if you are unable to follow clear instructions.
Please reference a track in MP3 format higher resolution than 128, otherwise I am probably not going to like it.


All rights stay with the artists.

All submissions that do not get selected to be published on the CD will however be published on a web site of mine for people to enjoy and as a thank you for putting your best foot forward.

The compilation is in support of “Hear Us” a mental health charity.”


snowwy (Diana Zachau)