Minimal Compact announce new album and release new video for “Statik Dancin”


Post-punk act Minimal Compact have just announced “Creation is Perfect”, a new album featuring fresh takes on their classic tracks plus one brand-new song. The album is slated for release on October 25th on the band’s Minimal Compact label.

Originally active between 1980 and 1988, and reuniting sporadically for live shows since 2004, Minimal Compact was part of the original post-punk explosion, and even today, the band remains one of its most distinctive and influential voices. With a reputation for live shows that were as unpredictable as they were energetic, it becomes obvious to the listener that the band’s strength is in their gigs and recordings of such rather than their studio work.

Working alongside producer and longtime collaborator Colin Newman (of post-punk band Wire), their signature songs have been re-recorded for this new album using a mix of live recordings and carefully arranged studio performances. The result is an album where their music truly shines the way it was always meant to, making their classics sound brand new even to the ears of long-time fans.

The band also has a series of live shows in the works.

As a companion to this new announcement, a new version of the live favourite “Statik Dancin” was released. This new recording of the song captures the energy and irresistible groove the song has always had, while giving it new life and power. Malka spigel, bassist/keyboardist and vocalist for the band, says: “We still play “Statik Dancin'” like we always did: driving, minimal, a bit moronic but still catchy. This version has a combination of the energy of the live version plus a fresh sounding production”. Watch the video for “Statik Dancin” here.

You can read more about the new album on Minimal Compact’s website here and pre-order the album here.