New Soft Riot video for the track “By The Skin Of Your Teeth”


JJD of Soft Riot has just revealed a new video for the track “By The Skin Of Your Teeth”, taken from the album When Push Comes To Shove released November 2019 on Possession Records.

This is the second video from the album, the first being for the track “Taking Off The Edge”:

JJD explains: “I’ve always wanted to do a video based on a live performance but have never really had a situation where any Soft Riot live performance was filmed in any edited manner. This opportunity came when playing Hamburg while on tour this past September and the venue crew edited some live video together which my video partner Sharon and I working as “Flustervision” did some hardware processing on, giving the video a psychedelic, visual effect. It then becomes a bit less of a standard live video document and more of a visual that captures the energy of the track, working more as a club visual.”

You can watch the video here.

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