NOIR Releases “Just Fascination” Single

New York-based NOIR, the brainchild of Erik Gustafson, David Borsky, and dark alternative crooner Athan Maroulis- whose unmistakable vocals you might recognize from Spahn Ranch circa the 90s by way of Cleopatra Records- have released a new maxi-single. “Just Fascination” is an innovative reworking of the 1983 Cabaret Voltaire track. It takes the industrial chaos of the original and gives it a more polished and punchy spin, with the vocals up front and a tight, synth-heavy groove behind it. The remixes are a welcome addition, from the cold four-on-the-floor We Are Temporary mix, to the gothic funk NOIR vs. Push Button Press mix, and then culminating with a gritty electro dance mix by Aeon Rings. This is a must-have for DJs and for anyone else who wants to see just how many different ways you can do justice to a Cabaret Voltaire song.



Do you need more NOIR? It’s been confirmed that they have an album in the works, so keep your eyes and ears open for more news. In the meantime, you can stream or download “Just Fascination” on NOIR’s Bandcamp page.

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