Rodney Orpheus releases ambient solo album “Places Beginning with N”


The singer and frontman of The Cassandra Complex Rodney Orpheus released a new solo ambient record, Places Beginning with N earlier this month. On this album Rodney features completely instrumental material.

He explains: “I’ve always loved ambient electronic music since I first discovered people like Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno in my early teens, and I find myself coming back to it over and over again. With this album instead of telling people stories with words I wanted to take them on an intimate journey and tell stories with sound only.”

The first three songs are relatively shorter pieces: “Nuit” paints a picture of the night sky, “Nagasaki” talks about ruins of a bombed city while “New Town” speaks about optimism and insecurity of translocating to a strange environment. “Near to the Heart” and “Never-Never Land” are longer pieces that paint emotional soundscapes.

Find the album here.

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