She Past Away video for “Disko Anksiyete “and US tour dates


She Past Away, the duo of Volkan Caner and Doruk Ozturkan will be heading to the U.S. in July on tour. With three of their seven US shows sold out far, She Past Away seem to be spearheading a new wave of post punk and goth revival. And ahead of the tour they have released new single and video, Disko Anksiyete.

Watch the video here.

Forgoing the simplicity and traditionalism of standard issue dark rock and adopting a more avant-garde sensibility, the duo channel their Post-Punk and early 80s Cold Wave influences to concoct a new take on modern gloom sung in their native Turkish.

“The only language that you really feel is your mother tongue. We believe that we definitely better express all the difficulties of the daily life in Turkish.”

Disko Anksiyete is considerably more uptempo than a lot of their material and it will easily find it’s way on to goth club dancefloors. That’s not to say it doesn’t have the complexity of a more traditional song format. It’s well constructed, if not borrowing a little heavily from it’s influences at times.

Drafting songs in 2006, Volkan began germinating what would become She Past Away in 2009 and released the digital-only debut EP ‘Kasvetli Kutlama’ (Gloomy Celebration) in 2010. 2012 saw the release of ‘Belirdi Gece ‘ (The Night Emerged) which garnered critical acclaim and saw their live fanbase growing around the globe and gained international recognition in the contemporary Dark Wave, Gothic and Post-Punk scene.

July 17 – Brooklyn Bazaar BROOKLYN, NEW YORK ** SOLD OUT **
July 18 – Chop Shop, CHICAGO, IL
July 19 – Crowbar, TAMPA, FL
July 20 – Elysium Austin, AUSTIN, TX ** SOLD OUT **
July 26 – Brick By Brick, SAN DIEGO, CA
July 27 – Neck of the Woods, SAN FRANCISCO, CA
July 28 – Echoplex, LOS ANGELES, CA ** SOLD OUT **

Featured photo byMarilia Fotopoulou