Soft Riot releases “Master Tape” a video collection: 2010-2020


Soft Riot has just released a limited edition video collection which compiles one decade of video output, including 14 music videos, 2 Possession Records short films promoting When Push Comes To Shove (PSSN04) and The Outsider In The Mirrors (PSSN02) as well as various incidental footage that totals in at 1 hour, 45 minutes running time.

Videos include: Possesion Short Film 001 | Fate’s Got A Bone To Pick With You
Taking Off The Edge | By The Skin Of Your Teeth | Your Own Private Underworld
Modern Dread | Laughter Takes Off The Edge | You Can’t Please Everyone
Cinema Eyes | The Eyes On The Walls | Who Knows Where You’ll Be
Possession Short Film 001 | Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen
For Your Entertainment along with other incidental footage.

The collection is available in DVD and VHS formats exclusively through their BandCamp.

Orders will ship starting around 09 December 2020.

The DVD version of this release is set for Region 2, but can be played in multi-region players. The VHS version is set to PAL encoding.


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