The Colours Of Silence releases the first single ”Darkness”


The Colours Of Silence is the project of Rio de Janeiron/Brazil based song writer Helio Peixoto with the addition of acclaimed vocalist Michael Aliani (Chiron, original vocalist of popular cult darkwave band Ikon) and special guest Dino Molinaro (Ikon/Chiron) on the bass. It is influenced by electronica, darkwave and post punk.

Darkness” is the first single from The Colours Of Silence. The three track single includes a ‘remix’ that will surely please DJ’s in the underground music scene and an ‘atmos’ mix to take the listener to a totally different interpretation of the track. This single is just the beginning for TCOS with a full album nearing completion.

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Enjoy this dreamy, atmospheric, ethereal and dancy electronic piece!