The electropop. CD series ends – only 100 last copies of the last volume (electropop.12) available


epop12-300Conzoom Records announce the last electropop. CD series. The 12th compilation consists of 13 electropop tracks from various artists. It will be released on April 13th, 2018 in 100 copies.

If you like to support coonzoom Records electropop. release you can get your copy here:

Tracks: 01. Deutsche Bank – (Don’t Stop) Autopop (Extended Version), 02. Elegant Machinery – Wheels In Motion (Parralox Remix), 03. Empathy Test – Bare My Soul (Mr.Kitty Remix), 04. Hidden Souls – The World Is Falling (Extended Version) , 05. Knight$ – What’s Your Poison (Diskodiktator Remix) , 06. Octolab – Mind And Matter (Long Version), 07. Onevista – Too Many Memories (Bispatial Extended Mix), 08. Palais Ideal – A Black Noise (Extended Version), 09. Real Experts – Failed Romance (Full Length Version), 10. Seadrake – On The Run (Different Extended Mix), 11. Softwave – On And On And On (Patrik Kambo Extended Remix), 12. Telekon – Lost For The First Time (Extended Remix), 13. Wandering Poets – Future (Extended)