Wire share new single “Primed & Ready”


WIRE have shared the second single from their new album, ‘Mind Hive’, which is set for release on January 24th 2020 via the band’s own label pinkflag. ‘Mind Hive’ is the group’s first newly recorded material since 2017’s stellar ‘Silver/Lead’. Following the first glimpse of ‘Mind Hive’, “Cactused, new single Primed And Ready rides out on a tightly pulsing synth sequence punctuated by icy slivers of guitar.

“The lyric/text for this song could be read as a series of questions, set in 2017” comments the band’s Graham Lewis. “Who could have known the answers would be, in no particular order…Liverpool FC, me, Boris the Spider, 67, Lieutenant Colonel.”

Colin Newman adds: “Primed & Ready” was the easiest song to write on the album, written in less time than it takes to play it.  There’s nothing remotely “clever” about the chord sequence / structure and there’s only three chords, 2 in the verse & 1 in the chorus. As in all things Wire “less is more”.

Photo credit: Giuliana Covella

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