Zwaremachine releases new single “Conquest 3000”


Zwaremachine releases the first single “Conquest 3000” from the same title new album on 2nd December 2020. This is the first track to feature the Zwaremachine live trio of Mach Fox, Dbot and Dein Offizier. The drum tracks by Dein Offizier were recorded January 2020 in the Netherlands and additional drum machine programming and synths were added by Planktoon and sent to the band for final arrangement and mixing from his studio in Sweden.

The albums themes of corporate greed, ecological disaster and death of society are summed up in this track and presented with a cyberwave soundtrack full of doom sirens, primal percussion and peaking synthesizers.

This EP presents the SINGLE MIX and additional remixes by X1L3, Batavia and Hostile Architect.

The full release is available at Bandcamp for ‘name your price’.