Kirlian Camera reveal new single “Stella Ominis” from new album “Radio Signals for the Dying”

Italian electro-pioneers KIRLIAN CAMERA reveal the sensual track Stella Ominisas the third and final single from the forthcoming new double album “Radio Signals for the Dying”. The release date of Radio Signals for the Dying” has been scheduled to February 23, 2024.

Elena Fossi explains: “When I was a child, I felt so different from the world around me that I thought I was some kind of aberration, an anomaly”. She adds: “Well, if I had already known that ‘normality’ would typically lead people to a herd mentality, I would have learned to be proud of being different sooner. So, let each of us follow our ‘Oracle Star’ before their poison becomes our drug. It does not matter how many nails they have hammered down our throats, because now we are screaming even louder!”

“Radio Signals for the Dying” will be available as a ltd. 48-page artbook incl. the 2 regular CDs and a bonus CD, as a gatefold 2LP on ltd. transparent red vinyl, and as a digisleeve 2CD.

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