Drab Majesty/HIDE/Body Of Light (Drab Majesty Record Release Party) @ The Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, July 26, 2019 – show review


Goths, shoegazer indie kids, and punk turned out in equal numbers for Drab Majesty’s hometown record release party at the Fonda Theatre in LA last week. The dark and dreamy androgyne duo took the stage to pink and blue fog, building momentum with “A Dialogue,” the opening track to their new album Modern Mirror. Deb DeMure strummed out arpeggiated chords with urgency and delicacy reminiscent of our favorite 80s 4AD artists, where they wove through the air with keyboardist Mona D’s airy, spaced-out pads and polished lead lines.

New singles “Ellipsis” and “Oxytocin” kept the crowd moving with their driving post-punk beats. “Long Division,” also from the new album, sounded especially huge and sprawling in the beautiful historic theatre, setting the stage for a memorable night.

While barely moving onstage, they kept the crowd rapt regardless, also playing some favorites from their previous releases, including “Dot In The Sky” and “Cold Souls” from 2017’s The Demonstration.

They were joined at this show by two other groundbreaking Dais Records acts, the first being synthpop duo Body Of Light, who opened the night with an electric nostalgia trip of a set complete with vintage analog synths (and attire to match!). Founded in Arizona by brothers Alex and Andrew Jarson, despite the obvious 80s influence, they have a sound all their own that incorporates dance beats and huge, fat synth sounds. For some darkness to counteract the light, Chicago-based experimental industrial/noise duo HIDE blistered our eardrums with jagged shrieks courtesy of vocalist Heather Gabel and gritty beats by Seth Sher.

All in all, it was a perfect showcase of the diversity and incredible progression of Dais and their innovative artists, and a solid nod to Drab Majesty’s new one, which is a truly magical addition to their discography.


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