E-TROPOLIS FESTIVAL 2018, Oberhausen Turbinenhalle, Germany, 17. March, 2018


The 8th edition of E-tropolis Festival in Oberhausen was an absolute success! The festival was sold out for the first time, which means 4500 fans enjoyed an incredible day at Turbinenhalle. JÄGER 90 opened the festival on the main stage and announced a day of outstanding celebration. The visitors could enjoy the shows of Forced to Mode, Eisfabrik, a very popular electro-pop act Chrom and always amazingly great show of Aesthetic Perfection and Nachtmahr. Project Pitchfork put an amazing orchestrated show with three drummers and eye catching LED walls. The finale was left for traditionally great VNV Nation who closed the festival on the main stage.

Lucifer’s Aid opened the festival on the second stage in the analogue-industrial manner. Industrial-nose act XOTOX followed. The Swedish EBM act Spark! was a hit surprise of the festival. The enthusiastic atmosphere were created by .com/kill, Frozen Plasma and Rotersand. Happy ending on the stage 2 as well!

After the festival E-tropolis released the visitor poll at www.etropolis-festival.de/umfrage2018

The Festival takes all suggestions and feedback into account in order to optimize the organization in all aspects.

The 9th edition will take place on 16th March 2019 at Turbinenhalle Oberhausen with the warm up party set for 15th March at Halle 2.

photo by Patrick Beerhorst