THE ARCH – Brussels, The Backpacker Bar (29/04/2016) (CONCERT REVIEW)

The Arch is popular, but not necessary in its own country. This band was formed in 1986, worked with the famous Belgian producer Ludo Camberlin and the rest is like a small success story, at least abroad. The releases (from The Messier Album to In Sofa ) got The Arch to various European venues. Last year, we got an impression of Fates at BIMFest, but last Friday, the entire CD was presented (a collaboration between Why2K Music and Trisol) in the Brussels city center.

The Backpacker Bar is a cozy club, and we immediately noted that The Arch always adapts itself to the possibilities, even if they’re small or limited. The band always sounds like an extremely professional band. Very underrated by both the Belgian press and public, but who knows, maybe the band will win the battle one day.

13139287_10208206726559813_2949970034452140528_nThe Arch started with the most intense song of the new album: Immerzu, a ballad in German. It is a song which is quite unusual for theband and in which we hear another (unknown) side of the charismatic vocalist Gerd Van Geel.

Soon Gasoline Lady, Fates and Spear Of Destiny were performed. Three tracks that are typical for The Arch’s new album: the music has its roots in goth rock, but it’s much more than that! The Arch is not, like so many other bands in the genre, searching for a way to sound like the next Sisters or Mission clone, but it creates a completely unique sound that rises above the level of the average goth rock band. That adorns the Arch and makes it unique.

The band promised us a few old hits, and quite early in the set played Babsi Ist Töt and Wait of the As Quiet A EP that was released (gasp) thirty years ago.

Also Body ‘n Angels of the Echozone-time was played, and of course the rest of the (almost perfect) CD Fates. Monsters & I, Robot Sapiens, the subdued One By One, the quite aggressive (well, in a way) Eyes Wide Open and the fantastic Empty Garden (if The Arch ever made the perfect pop song, then this is it!).

After an hour, the gig was over, but Ian, Ivan, Peter , Chiffon ‘s Tale and Gerd came back to do No Noise and Brain Duck. No, we can not repeat it enough: Fates by The Arch is a record that clings on you and it should be in your collection without any hesitation!