Celebrate Christmas PIG-style with their new EP “Black Mass”


PIG never cease to surprise, returning to the studio after their latest North American tour to bring their fans an industrial twist on well-loved holiday classics. q0J9dvYAThe new “Black Mass” EP features the band’s take on songs from Wham!, Elvis Presley, and John Lennon. It’s an unexpected present fans are sure to appreciate, and a tribute to some great Christmas songs that serves to remind us all that, at this time of the year, giving and caring for the most vulnerable among us is the greatest gift of them all.

To quote frontman and musical mastermind Raymond Watts on the band’s choice of songs and subject matter: “I wanted to pay homage to the great Christmas songs, have fun with them but also take a stand against the ever-rising tide of toxic bigotry in this increasingly brutal world while remembering there is a better part of ourselves.”

Add the Lord of Lard’s blessings to your holiday playlist on December 7th, when the EP will be released through Armalyte Records as a free download via Bandcamp. Donations are nonetheless appreciated, and all proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee (https://rescue.org).

1. Last Christmas
2. Blue Christmas
3. Happy Christmas (War is Over)



pic by Gabriel Edvy