Cryo “The Fall Of Man” – album review


This is a refreshing departure from a lot of the synth wave and electronic material surfacing at the moment. There is a sense of foreboding and menace from the offset in ‘Know Your Enemy’. Employing a bass tone Peter Hook would be happy with and  vocal tone akin to that of Rob Dougan. It sets the tone for tan album that is well crafted, explores a myriad of sounds and textures and instantly captivates the listener.

Despite a lot of this being an uptempo delivery Cryo don’t go for the obvious dancefloor filling techniques and have instead actually written actual songs, a ludicrous idea that a lot of their peers could learn from. It’s a very well produced album to boot. Thick, welcoming sound and perfectly balanced.

There’s something oddly meditative about this record. It’s a stomping electronic record for sure, but conjures up an otherworldly feel and actually harnesses a repetitive nature in the songs that takes me back to early Underworld. This is perfectly showcased in ‘Valium’, with it’s droning bassline and synths and nods to early techno.

‘The Fall Of Man’ is a great album, no mistaking that. Even if this isn’t your usual musical genre to explore, there’s a lot to get out of this record and is easily returned to.

It may have been 5 years since their last album, but it was clearly worth the time off. Quality not quantity, and they have demonstrated here that their quality is not waning.