Gang Of Four released a new EP “Complicit” on 20 April


coverGANG OF FOUR released a new EP, COMPLICIT on 20 April. The EP includes previous singles “Lucky” and “Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have)”, with artwork that captures the President’s daughter alongside the Russian word for “complicit”. The EP got immediately noticed by the media worldwide.

Talking about the track “Ivanka” – which weaves into its lyrics quotes from Ivanka and her father – Gill says;It would’ve been easy to be extremely damning about Donald Trump and of course, like everyone else, I could have called him all kinds of names. What drew me to this subject at all was the running commentary from Ivanka in the earlier stages of this administration – it was fascinating to get a kind of explanation or justification from the daughter who had already been given an official position within the White House. And frankly, a lot of it was pretty funny. But although the characters in the Trump family are interesting, it’s more the ideologies and politics which they represent and enable which need describing.

A new studio album will be released in summer 2018.