New Model Army “Nights of a 1000 Voices” April 2018 London shows


New Model Army have announced a revolutionary two-night event at the Round Chapel in Hackney, London, April 13th/14th 2018.

Round-ChapelThe band have chosen the Round Chapel in Hackney for its acoustics and the circular layout of the room, which would be perfect for the event. The venue will be fully seated around a small stage in the centre of the room. The events are not concerts as such; they are community singing events for all people who love their songs and singing. The songs’ arrangements will be stripped down and quiet; the nights will be about the participation and voices of the audience. The band plan to record and film both nights.

Tickets went on sale from the band’s own website and sold out within an hour.

A further Sunday matinee show on the afternoon of April 15th has now been announced.

Tickets here: